Brand NAMING, identity and website design
for the wedding site, game and apps

Our rationale for the Dreamwedding brand identity was based on the idea that, for any girl, her wedding day is the day she gets to become a princess, all her childhood dreams and fantasies turning to reality. The company was initially called Dream Weddings.  We merged the two words into one, and took away the “s”.

We did this because we felt that dreamwedding should be a verb: dreamwedding is something you do. It’s what you do when you dream of your wedding day, the day you get to be a princess.

– "What are you thinking about?"
– "Oh, I'm just dreamwedding..."


The concept of a wedding — a union of two people — is further expressed by turning the union between the two words into a graphic feature: the M and W visually mirror each other, reinforcing the sense of one continuous word and idea.