“Having hired the Gallé studio on a few projects, I think it's fair to say the depth of their work in branding and design is unparalleled. Many people claim to be passionate about design, but few people are truly stimulated and excited at the thought of digging deeper and deeper under the surface of a design problem until they come up with a crystal clear solution. A real gem.”

– Frank Stephenson, Director of Design, MCLAREN AUTOMOTIVE

“As a company specialised in M&A for premium and luxury brands, we have worked with the Gallé branding and design team for the past fifteen years. In all this time, I have met less than a handful of people who understand this sector better than Alex and Monica. What's more, their vivid interest in the subject is really infectious. Such a pleasure to work with them!”

– Amelie Valcauda, Research Director, MICHEL DYENS

”We've worked with Gallé Design on two different jewellery brands: Sacet and Austen & Blake. In terms of message as well as target audience, the brands could not be more different from each other. And yet, somehow, the Gallés managed to work on both of them with such care and authenticity, that each one feels as if they have been working on nothing else for the past ten years.”

– Priyaj Jain, Managing Director, AUSTEN & BLAKE

When I first hired the Gallé design studio, I often wondered how it was that they were able to work so hard – and with so much genuine enthusiasm – on my branding problems. When we finished our first project together, I realised that what others think of as problems, the Gallé team think of as 'brain food'. This is a team who, when they find something interesting, will read a week's material in one night, just because it satisfied their curiosity. Do this for a few years, it's almost inevitable that the results will be extraordinary.

Francesco Carlucci, Founder & CEO, ESSENTIS GROUP

I worked with Alexander on the early days of Boucheron's and YSL's presence online when I was the Director of eBusiness for the Gucci Group. Beyond being creative with a great aesthetic sense, Alexander had a deep understanding of the nuances of luxury brand and how to convey them online. He was a pleasure to work with and always delivered his promises.

Richard Swanson, eBusiness Director, GUCCI GROUP