FOR THE ANGLO-SWISS luxury outerwear BRAND

Tricouni is a brand with an interesting heritage. 

The Tricouni nail was invented in 1912 by Félix-Valentin Genecand, alias "Tricouni" (1878-1957), a jeweller from Geneva who was also a keen moutaineer. The nail was used by world-famous explorers like George Mallory and Sir Ernest Shackleton. 

In 2015, the company decided to capitalise on this explorer heritage to launch a collection of high-end winterwear, coats that use the latest technology and materials to actually keep you warm during the winter months. 


We were asked to design the brand identity with a clear focus on Tricouni being the brand for braving not just the cold weather, but the modern urban world.

Our approach was to think of Tricouni as a set of ideas and attitudes that help you to brave all situations life throws at you. Essentially, something like a "trinity for the brave".  

Once we established this outlook, we understood immediately that the brand logo should be an "object for bravery", the kind of thing some people wear on a necklace to guide them through hard times and give them fortitude, like a talisman or a saint's icon. 

Since explorers rely on a compass to guide them through lost territory, and since stars are often thought of as guiding lights, we felt that a compass star would resonate very strongly. In French, this star shape is called "Rose des Vents" — rose of winds — a very evocative name that brings with it the opportunity to use the names of winds in future collections.