Van pul & Thieltgen

Brand identity design, communication and website design
for the Belgian executive search consultants

The "Heroes are made" concept Gallé developed for Van Pul comes out of the philosophy that underpins the company's two complementary services: executive search on the one hand and executive onboarding on the other. Van Pul consider the fact that, left alone, many executives placed in companies via the traditional search route do not actually perform as well as they are expected to. Executive onboarding is the craft of taking the right executive, viewing them with the same eye that a craftsman might have for a fine piece of raw material (e.g. a fine wood, or stone) and "carving" their role at the new company so that employer and employee come out with a more satisfactory result.

The VT icon supports this philosophy, by borrowing the aesthetic one might normally expect to find on a finely crafted watch, the symmetric shape reminding us of the kind of measuring tools one might find in this sector. 

The whole picture is then complemented with a set of paintings of classical heroes' and leaders' busts, painted by Jan de Vliegher. The paintings themselves clearly show the texture of the paint, with strong brush strokes to underline the idea that someone made them, rather than them just appearing out of thin air.